FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS RULES LOGO (Small)CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles) is launching the FUTUROTEXTILES AWARDS, the First International Competition dedicated to Innovative Textiles and Design.

Further information files here enclosed (communiqué / rules / form) :




Resume of the contest :

- Theme: Innovative Textiles& urban design for professionals / Innovative Textiles in all applications for students
- Target: professionals / students
- Territory: Europe
- Language: English / French
- Contact for the students’ category: studentfutexchallenge@yahoo.fr  /  Contact for the professionals’ category: futurotextilesawards@lille-design.com
- Final date for receipt of entries: 6th of April 2012 – Midday
- Deliberation /Selection and information to the competitors: May/June 2012
- Prize awards: 10th of October 2012